Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Next up: Scrim!

With my big head project nearing a close (pictures to follow when the finishing touches have been put on it, but I promise it'll be soon!), we've started planning for the next big project of the semester.  Next up for me is a 4x6' scrim painting based on Arthur Rackham's illustration of Daphne (isn't she beautiful?).  Looking forward to a new process and an awesome result, almost as much as I'm looking forward to being done with the big head!  Don't get me wrong; I love that lady and all her magnificent hair, but she's wearing me down!

Also coming up this semester are a carved styrofoam gargoyle, some spray-gun paintings, and a 12x12' reproduction of a painting of William & Mary (that, will you believe, I can't seem to find on Google?).  Awesome things are in store, and photos will be forthcoming!