Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another closing of another show.

A momentous weekend!  The Drowsy Chaperone (at Theatre Three), Guys & Dolls (at the John W. Engeman Theater at Northport), and The Wizard of Oz (children's theatre at the Engeman) all closed this weekend.  It was so fulfilling working on all of them all... and more hours of painting combined than I even care to count.  (Around 90 hours for the two Engeman shows, and I'd venture to guess at least 50--if not more--for Drowsy!)  I didn't get to see Wizard, but the other two were some darn good performances.  Awesome.  If it weren't closed, I could happily see Drowsy at least 3 more times before it stopped making me laugh that hard.

Next show: Hairspray at the Engeman.  That shade of pink I hoped to never paint on anything again after Somewhere in the Middle (the bright pink facade of a Jamaican plantation home)... it came back to haunt me.  Not to mention at least 5 Pantone blues.  My best painting pants look like I've been painting baby rooms.  Also The Who's Tommy at T3, but it's not a painting-heavy show, so I might not be very involved...

The introduction of some really funky-shaped chairs into my awareness has me aching to do some serious art furniture and art-home-decor.  Maybe that will mean lots of projects for me when we get to California (both for filling our apartment, and for sale).  So... L.A. area people looking for any sort of funky paint jobs, faux finishes, murals, and all that jazz... wait 'till September!  I'll be there!